The neck is very susceptible to aging because the skin on the neck is thin and does not have a lot of sebaceous glands to lubricate the skin. Many factors contribute to wrinkles in the neck in addition to sun exposure and smoking. Weight, diet, and skincare routine can all be controlled to minimize the risk of neck aging.

Aging neckMinimizing exposure to the sun is important when wrinkles start to appear. UV exposure can not only cause the skin to appear more aged in the neck and other exposed areas, and it can cause red and brown spots to appear. The spotting also contributes to the look of aging. A dermatologist should examine any new moles or spots that appear on the body after age 30.

Significant weight loss can also make the skin on the neck appear aged. The normal breakdown of collagen and elastin makes the skin on the neck appear loose after weight loss. People who are concerned about excess skin, wrinkling, or other signs of neck aging can talk to their dermatologist about possible treatment options.

There are a variety of treatments for an aging neck, including chemical peels, laser treatments, thermage, and injectable fillers. Be sure to consult with Dr. Zizmor for a treatment plan that will ensure a more youthful-looking neck.