There are two types of dermatology. Cosmetic dermatologists focus on aesthetics and provide solutions for things like wrinkles, sagging skin, and hair. Medical dermatologists treat conditions such as warts, rosacea, cysts, and acne. These dermatologists are more focused on the health of the skin. Many dermatologists offer both services.

DermatologistThe skin is the body’s largest organ. It acts as a protective cover, shielding the body from temperature, sunlight, chemicals, and injury. It also acts as a sensor containing nerve endings that send constant signals to the brain. This important organ is under constant assault on a daily basis.

The skin can also act as a communicator that something is wrong. The body can indicate a variety of illnesses and diseases through the skin. Rashes, bumps, infections, and discolorations may all indicate a number of medical conditions.

Taking care of skin is important for it to continually offer protection. Protecting it from sun damage is one of the most important ways. Other damaging factors include smoking, poor nutrition, dryness, and stress. Proper care involves talking with a dermatologist to safeguard the skin’s health.

A dermatologist offers a wide variety of cosmetic solutions to many skin conditions. Common skin complaints include aging, acne, and spider veins. Solutions are also offered for cellulite, unwanted hair, and sagging skin. They can also detect and treat skin cancer.

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