Symptoms of hyperhidrosis are sweating that frequently soaks clothing, abnormal sweating on feet and underarms, and hands that are clammy or drip sweat. Episodes of sweating occur at least once a week without an apparent reason, and they disrupt normal activities.

Excess sweatingHyperhidrosis can impact a sufferer’s social life, causing them to avoid situations where it may be necessary to shake hands or lift their arms. Carrying extra shirts and socks is sometimes necessary for people who excessively sweat.

Primary hyperhidrosis is a rare genetic condition. It is more common for people to sweat excessively due to another condition, such as hyperthyroidism or diabetes. Cold sweats are generally brought on by a more serious medical problem and should receive prompt medical attention.

A physical exam will determine if the sweating is truly caused by hyperhidrosis or an underlying medical problem. In addition to the social consequences of excessive sweating on the hands, feet, people with hyperhidrosis are more prone to fungal and bacterial infections that thrive in moist environments.