Common names for fungus are ringworm, athlete’s foot, nail fungus, jock itch. These conditions can take a toll on your social life. They can also make you very uncomfortable.

FungusRingworm is a fungal infection. It is itchy, red, and circular in shape. Ringworm can form on your scalp, your face, or your trunk. It can be spread easily between individuals, especially those active in sports or crowded conditions. It can be treated with topical creams, either over-the-counter or prescription strength. Difficult cases may require oral medication.

Athlete’s foot may develop between your toes or other areas on the feet. Signs include itching or stinging, blisters, cracking or peeling skin, and discolored or thick toenails. It is important to keep your skin dry and clean. Warm and humid conditions help the fungus grow, and an athlete’s foot can be spread through wet floors, towels, or mats. Over-the-counter powders, sprays, or ointments help, but you may need prescription-strength topical or oral medicine.

Nail fungus can develop without itching or other symptoms. You can get it from showers or swimming pools. It can also be caused by poor blood circulation. There is a nail polish that is antifungal that can help when used daily. There are also creams and oral medications.

Jock itch can make your day very uncomfortable. This fungus affects the skin of your inner thighs, buttocks, and genitals. Similar to ringworm, it is often ring-shaped. Keep clean and dry, and apply topical creams.
Dandruff can be very embarrassing.

This fungus feeds on the oils secreted by your hair follicles. If you do not wash your hair regularly, the skin cells and oil build-up, giving fungus a perfect place to grow. Medicated shampoos usually clear up the condition. To eliminate your fungus, visit Dr. Zizmor.