People who are allergic to specific foods may experience rashes on their bodies. Some people may even be allergic to pets. The allergy runs through the body and exposes itself by appearing on the skin in a reddish and possibly itchy form. Plants like poison ivy may cause rashes on the skin.

RashesSome people may be allergic to detergents, latex, and other household chemicals. If a person suffers from a small rash or rashes that cover a significant area of the body, then they should contact their physician for treatment.

Not all rashes are easily treatable, but people who suffer from severe skin reactions may experience a decline in their social life. A large rash on the face may cause low self-esteem and prevent people from going to their job or out with friends.

Rashes that cover a large part of the body, like the stomach, legs, or arms, could cause some people to cover themselves up when they would rather be wearing less clothing. It could also take a toll on a person’s sex life as well. No matter what the case, all rashes should be seen and treated by a physician. Ask Dr. Zizmor.