Collagen and elastin work to help the skin keep its elasticity. As people age, the production of elastin slows down, and the existing collagen begins to break down. The skin is less able to fight the effects of gravity and begins to sag. In addition, the production of new cells in the outer layers of skin continually decreases. Increased levels of free radicals are present, while natural antioxidants are lower.

Sagging skinSagging skin can also be caused by smoking or repeated exposure to smoke from cigarettes. The smoke depletes the skin of vitamin C, which naturally keeps the skin tight and plump. It dries out the skin and increases wrinkles. Sun exposure also ages the skin and causes damage to its layers, making it lose its elasticity.

Sagging skin can cause emotional stress and reduce a person’s confidence. Although sagging skin naturally happens with age, there are some measures that may partially prevent or delay its effects. Wearing sunscreen with the protection of at least SPF 15 every day reduces the sun’s damage to the skin.

Avoid smoking or being around people who smoke. Staying hydrated and eating healthy foods will supply the skin with the moisture and antioxidants it needs. Exfoliation helps remove old skin cells and encourages the skin to produce new plump and healthy ones.

There are many non-invasive skin tightening procedures available, including peels, laser treatments, and Thermage. Be sure to consult with Dr. Zizmor to determine the most effective treatment for your skin type.