Skin tags are one of the most common growths. They are small areas of skin that project out from the surface. The bit of skin hangs from the surrounding area by a thin stalk. Skin tags are easily removed in-office with a scalpel or scissors. Larger skin tags may need to be removed using small electrical pulses.

Skin growthsKeratoses are rough patches of skin that can resemble the look and texture of barnacles. They can appear individually or in patches anywhere on the body. They are often found on the back, neck, face, head, and hands. The discoloration is typical, and the growths may be brown, black, or yellow. Keratoses can be shaved off with a scalpel, burned off, or frozen using cryotherapy.

Elevated moles are discolored spots of pigment that protrude out from the skin surface. They may be rough or smooth and sometimes have hair on them. Topical creams may help to dissolve smaller moles over a period of time. In-office treatments include small electrical pulses and surgical removal.

Skin growths can develop for a variety of reasons. Some are hereditary, while an infection causes others. Typically, they are not harmful, painful, or cause any problems with health. However, they can cause emotional distress, especially if they appear in noticeable areas or large numbers. Fortunately, skin growths are easily treatable during a simple office visit. Be sure to consult with Dr. Zizmor if skin growths are interfering with your lifestyle.