Tattoos often represent the life of the person at the time they get the tattoo. Names of lovers, political or religious views, and sometimes offensive statements are often seen permanently inked on bodies. As life goes on and people grow and change, their tattoos may be less reflective of their current circumstances. When that is the case, tattoo removal options may be explored.

Tattoo removalAlthough tattoo removal methods are available, the decision to get a tattoo should not be taken lightly. It is not always possible to completely remove tattoos, especially if they are homemade or done with dark ink.
There are some factors that determine the difficulty of removing a tattoo.

Professionally done tattoos are easier to remove because the ink is applied evenly. Light colors are also less complicated than dark colors and blacks. Because tattoo ink is applied under the top layer of skin, removal is much more complicated and expensive than the application of the tattoo. Dr. Zizmor can discuss safe and effective options for tattoo removal.