Women commonly struggle with unwanted hair, although men may also experience this problem. Genetics, hormones, medications, or medical conditions can play a factor in the amount of unwanted hair and the affected areas. Hair on the upper lip, chin, legs, back, hands, abdomen, and feet are all complaints often heard from people. Men may desire to remove hair on the back or chest.

Unwanted hairAt-home treatments for unwanted hair can be painful and messy. Chemical depilatories, waxing, and shaving are common. However, these are only temporary. Laser hair removal can result in permanently reduced or eliminated hair on any part of the body, except the eyes.

The laser works by penetrating the skin and absorbing it into the hair follicle, destroying it and deterring further hair growth. The more treatments that are performed, the more permanent the hair removal is. The total number of sessions required to achieve desired results will differ for each person. The process can take less than 30 minutes for small areas of hair or several hours for larger areas.

The wavelength of laser needed depends on the skin type and color. One type of laser does not work safely for every person. Using the wrong wavelength can result in scarring, disfigurement, or dark spots of pigmentation. Be sure to consult with Dr. Zizmor to determine a specific treatment plan that applies to your case.

Removing unwanted hair can improve quality of life. It can reduce embarrassment, increase confidence, or enable people to be comfortable in their clothes. Call Dr. Zizmor for more details.