As the skin ages, it becomes thinner and less elastic. It has a harder time bouncing back from the wrinkles and lines formed during facial expressions. Many of those lines become etched into the skin. In addition, the skin is less able to protect itself and fight toxins, increasing the likelihood of damage. A balanced diet with natural sources of antioxidants, such as vitamin C and E, helps the skin to protect itself from free radicals.

WrinklesWrinkles are likely to appear on the parts of the body that are most often exposed to the sun. The sun’s harmful rays can speed up the breakdown of collagen and elastin. It also decreases production. Overexposure may also cause the skin to become dried out, creating a rough and leathery texture.

Sun damage can happen with just a few minutes of exposure every day over a period of years. The result is premature aging and deeper wrinkles. The best protection from photoaging, besides avoiding the sun, is to wear sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher protection.

Smoking is also harmful to the skin and can cause wrinkles. Smoke from cigars and cigarettes, including secondhand smoke, cause biological and chemical changes in the skin. The amount of collagen and elastin in the skin is reduced. It irritates the skin and decreases blood flow. As a result, oxygen and nutrients do not reach the skin. Do not smoke and avoid being around others who do to prevent this damage.

Wrinkles can be treated with either chemical peels, filler injections, laser treatments, or Botox, individually or in combination to ensure the best possible results. Be sure to consult with Dr. Zizmor to achieve smoother and younger-looking skin.